.na is the ccTLD of Namibia (Africa). It was introduced in 1991 and is an active first level domain.

Who can register a .na domain?

An individual / A resident?
A locally registered legal entity?
A non-resident?

Special requirements: None.

What are the time frame and length requirements of a .na?

Minimum length 3
Maximum length 63
Minimum reg. time 1
Maximum reg. time 5

Where can I find more information about .na?

ICANN Wiki: -> .na
Wikipedia: -> .na

Are there any famous .na domain hacks?

Asana Logo .na hack

Asana uses the domain hack as a side url. Their main domain is

Where can I register a .na domain?

Registrar Duration* Price** Link 1 year 4368.00 USD
101domain 1 year 5749.00 USD 101domain

*1 year OR minimal registration period

**0 means that a domain is pre-reseverable **Not applying any discounts!

Country Namibia
Continent Africa

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Best Price: 4368.00 USD @

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Website Global Rank
#1 230628
#2 318030
#3 424492
#4 480312
#5 544612