.zm is the ccTLD of Zambia (Africa). It was introduced in 1994 and is an active first level domain.

Who can register a .zm domain?

An individual / A resident?
A locally registered legal entity?
A non-resident?
A non-resident using a trustee (service)?

Special requirements: Registration only at third-level.

What are the time frame and length requirements of a .zm?

Minimum length 0
Maximum length 0
Minimum reg. time 0
Maximum reg. time 0

Where can I find more information about .zm?

ICANN Wiki: -> .zm
Wikipedia: -> .zm

Are there any famous .zm domain hacks?

Not that we know of..

Where can I register a .zm domain?

At the moment, you cannot register a .zm-domain. I am sorry.

Country Zambia
Continent Africa

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#1 318955
#2 408031
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