Domain Hack Generator

You favourite .com is taken? You have come to the right place!

All good domain names are taken

We hear this often. You have the perfect idea for a startup only to find out that your company name is not available as a .com.
After checking secondary options such as .org or .net you come to the conclusion to change the name of your project.
Stop! Let's get creative to find a suitable domain name using all sorts of domain hacks.

Big brands use domain hacks

Youtube (, Google (, Pepsi ( or Time Magazin ( to just name a few are already profiting from their domain hacks.
Why do they use domain hacks if they already own the .com?

  • Domain protection from scammers
  • High converting key words
  • Creative ways to use new TLDs such as .land

Domain hacks for short URLs

URL link shortening is probably the biggest reason most brands use domain hacks. Ever heard of and their millions of users shortening urls such as
Which one is more readable?

Turn your keywordinto the perfect domain hack!

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