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Perfect domain hack: Actu.al was just sold

actu.al goes for USD 155 at Flippa

The domain seller 'Flipping', who puts to auction "the biggest domain hack portfolio of the year", just sold the first hack actu.al.

The big brother actual.com was sold for USD 18k

Actu.al is a domain hack of the adjective actual with help of the albanian ccTLD .al. The big brother 'actual.com' went for USD 18,000 back in 2012. At today's auction a total of eight potential buyers were competing of which two were particularly interested. The two pushed the price from USD 95 to the final USD 155 in the last minutes before the auction ended.

In my opinion the auctioneer missed the opportunity to show some options for further development of the domain hack. Instead it is just described as 'a premium branded domain'. Let's see how the other auctions go.

All Best


Notable #1: 'actually.com', the adverb-form, went for a price of USD 2,050 in 2005. 'actual.ly' the lybian ccTLD .ly hack is redirecting to a sales page and can be leased.

Notable #2: The seller already sold a domain hack in his career. Ho.ly went for a lovely USD 4,700 in Mid 2015.