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Domain Hacks using .ga

Me.ga news for all domain hacks fans

Exciting news for domain hack enthusiasts and investors! The domain hack landscape has expanded with the recent announcement that the whois protocol is available for the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) '.ga' of Gabon. Previously - as far as we know - it was not possible to check the availability of .ga domains using the whois protocol, but a recent technical migration by the Agence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquences de la République Gabonaise (ANINF) has opened up new possibilities. This development allows for the creation of innovative domain hacks using the .ga extension. Let's explore the details of this exciting expansion.

Freenom -> ANINF

According to a press release issued by ANINF, a technical migration related to the management of the .ga extension took place from Sunday, June 4 to Wednesday, June 7, 2023. This operation may have caused disruptions for current .ga domain holders in Gabon and abroad. This migration signifies a significant step towards enhancing the management and availability of .ga domains. Starting from June 7, 2023, the international zone of .ga will be managed directly by ANINF. Registrars are advised to follow the procedure outlined by ANINF to anticipate or address any potential inconveniences related to this change. This opens up a host of opportunities for both Registrars and domain holders to explore and capitalize on the creative potential of .ga domain hacks.

Me.ga Ga.ga Gi.ga opportunities

Domain hacks have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to create catchy and memorable domain names by creatively utilizing TLDs and keywords. With the inclusion of .ga in the list of available TLDs for domain hacks, the following might be shown when your keyword contains 'ga':

  • ome.ga
  • quadri.ga
  • ... etc etc

Check The Free Dictionairy for words ending in .ga and quickly register some perfect domain hacks.

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