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Domainhacks.info is up and running

We Are live!

A few months ago I bought the domain 'domainhacks.info' and was, again, about to leave it undeveloped between all my other "next big thing"-ideas and corresponding domain names.

Hello Motivation! Here I am!

At some point a week or two after I bought it I again thought about the name and the workload it needed to be developed. How complicated can it be? I just need (1) user input or a keyword, (2) a list of all top-level domains, and (3) some code to combine both. Some googeling later I found a list including all known top-level-domains (tlds) – Thanks ICANN! So, as I am able to provide myself some keywords, I just needed some code to hack the tlds into the keywords. Even for me, a business graduate with no experience in coding, it was easy to find some pseudo code and develop a small mockup. A week later I hacked my first keywords and was able to find some decent domain hacks!

The first domain hacks found via domainhacks.info

Now, I was hooked. I started to learn actual PHP coding and developed the mockup from a local server version to a fully-functional web app. It took me just a few months… Time-to-market is key, eh? :) Anyways, here I am, opening up domainhacks.info for the public and you. Happy Domaining and shoot me a message with some feedback!

All Best TK

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